Explore Wakayama, Japan (Part 1)

Hello! こんにちは!

I have stayed in Japan 1 year for studying Japanese. I lived in Wakayama, so when I stay I want to share about my travelling in Wakayama.

Wakayama is not a city it is a village but beautiful. I think Wakayama looks like Bandung in Indonesia, but it was more clean. You won’t find any trash even in every corner of this village.

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Bangkok trip (4 days 3 night) was short but amazing! (Day 1 & 2)

Well, this is the first time, we went to bangkok, thailand. I have a friend in there. Her name is Wanmaii Supaporn. Yes, the girl. I met her when I am studying abroad in Japan. So, I want to meet her again in her country. But finally I cant meet her because I dont have a wifi to contact her. It’s very trouble.

Day 1

03:50 PM ~ Arrived in Bangkok

05:00 PM ~ Shopping in chatuchak market

09:00 PM ~ Check in hotel

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